Ending the Hiatus!

Hello Lovely Readers,

As you may know, our artist Danicka recently lost her precious pen tool for her Surface Pro 4. Reluctantly, this meant she had to take a break from the comic- as we had run out of our reserve of backup pages. We had never been late releasing a page, but sadly we had to say goodbye to our perfect track record.

Luckily, our pen tool is back, and Danicka has been furiously drawing away. New pages will return every Tuesday! This Tuesday, a new page of Tale of Strun will be delivered hot and fresh to your web browser, as promised.


Three to a Screen.

Book 1 Page 35


Random Generator Orders:

  • Strun laughs uncomfortably (Strun doesn’t laugh).

Book 1 Page 34


Random Generator Orders:

  • Strun doesn’t laugh. (Strun uncomfortably laughs)
  • Netra notices. (Netra doesn’t notice)
  • Netra doesn’t take it seriously. (Netra takes it seriously)
  • Netra doesn’t ask about choosing. (Netra asks about choosing)