About Tale of Strun

Tale of Strun follows the journey of a Dryad, Strun Netra. An ancient race of sentient, tree-like, beings, Dryads seem to focus on two things in life- theology and war. These beings live on Oust, one of many planes that are home to several diverse races of sentient beings: Brutes, Mystics, Aquata, The Lost, and Humans; some of which share the plane of Oust with the Dryads.

Strun chooses to take the road less traveled by Dryads, defying tradition and setting out to explore the planes rather than preparing for war. Strun’s path won’t be without its trials: friendships will be challenged, loved ones will be lost, and Strun’s fate will be tossed like a ship in a storm.

Aspiring game developers and comic writers Colton Blomker and Danicka Bright debuted Tale of Strun as a testament to their love and experience in writing, design, and art. The team uses a random generator to assist with decision making, as well as emulate the uncertainty of the comic’s trajectory- mirroring the fickleness that is fate.

The devoted team has published new pages of Tale of Strun for over a year, and are incredibly excited to share Tale of Strun.

Join us on Strun’s adventure and become immersed in the story-rich world of Tale of Strun.


Colton Blomker and Danicka Bright