Hello Dear Readers!

We are officially back from hiatus! Huzzah!

AND! Today marks our one year anniversary of publishing Tale of Strun!

150 pages written, 75 drafted, and 40 currently published. We’ve come a long way!

Thank you so much for everyone who continually supports us in our efforts to create an epic comic for everyone to read. We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed reading so far and we look forward to bringing you even more content in the future!


From your friends here at Three to a Screen,

Danicka and Colton.


A Brief Hiatus.

Hello dear viewers,

I recognize I really haven’t been the best at uploading pages recently. I apologize profusely. Sometimes when you’re working on a project, life likes to get in the way. I realize I haven’t been taking the greatest care of my well-being.

I have a nasty habit of running myself into the ground and overworking myself. Tale of Strun is being worked on at the same time as a full-time job, family and friends, and other life obligations. I was feeling very depressed, and a touch ill during the end of the summer due to all of the wildfire smoke, and it was really difficult to work on much of anything. Later this week, I am going to Florida for the first time on a quick trip.

I truly don’t mean to make excuses, but you just need to be honest with yourself and take care of yourself. If it becomes physically and mentally hard to work on something, sometimes the best thing you can do is step away from it for a while, clear your mind of it entirely. When the time is right you will have a burst of energy, and be able to, for instance, write 150 pages, draw 70 in pen and ink, and finish 40 digital pages (which is what Colton and I did in practically two years, it’s kind of amazing.)

Additionally, I started writing my book again. You see, I quit writing to focus on drawing Tale of Strun. Working on one project for extended periods of time really begin to wear on you after a while. So, in order to take care of myself, I decided to work on another project near and dear to my heart, one that I’ve wanted to complete for a very long time.

All of that being said, I LOVE TALE OF STRUN. I have genuine affection for the story, especially because I wrote it together with my best friend. It’s been one of the most fulfilling projects to work on, and it has changed so much of how I see working on projects. In a few weeks, there will be new pages, and they will be better than ever, because my heart will totally be in it.

In the meantime, please read the comic in it’s entirety. We’ve spent countless hours working on it and we are so happy that we are able to share it with you. Visit our YouTube channel to watch our Pathfinder campaign and some let’s plays. https://www.youtube.com/user/threetoascreen/

We’re lucky we live in a world where we can display our ideas to the internet, and have a beautiful community of fellow artists and writers and video game and lore enthusiasts. We are just getting started friends.




Danicka Bright,

Lead Artist and Co-Writer for Three to a Screen.


Ending the Hiatus!

Hello Lovely Readers,

As you may know, our artist Danicka recently lost her precious pen tool for her Surface Pro 4. Reluctantly, this meant she had to take a break from the comic- as we had run out of our reserve of backup pages. We had never been late releasing a page, but sadly we had to say goodbye to our perfect track record.

Luckily, our pen tool is back, and Danicka has been furiously drawing away. New pages will return every Tuesday! This Tuesday, a new page of Tale of Strun will be delivered hot and fresh to your web browser, as promised.


Three to a Screen.


Where are we now?

Hello Friends.

This year continues to blaze by, and so much is happening. There is a lot of exciting news, so lets get into it.

Recently, Colton decided to make his dream of playing a role-playing game such as D&D come true, and assembled a group of friends to play. Along with Danicka’s help, we were able to create a livestream channel on YouTube for our Pathfinder adventures. You can view them here: Pathfinder Live-stream Channel

You can imagine, this takes a lot of work, but it’s all worth it. We have so much fun playing and spending good quality time with our friends. It can’t be all work and no play, right?

Speaking of work, Danicka has been faithfully working on TOS. Her style is slowly changing to make her work more efficient and more aesthetically pleasing. You might agree with us in saying that the new pages are coming out more rich and full of life. She has also been creating mini comics for the Pathfinder sessions, and she has even drawn detailed character sketches for her companions.

Anyway, that’s most of what we have been up to recently. Traffic here on Tale of Strun has  been a little slow, but that isn’t discouraging us. If there is something worth doing, time will prove that hard work and vision are worth it. Stick with us guys, this story gets better and better. We’ve been working on establishing the world, and as soon as we are done with that everything will pick up speed. We truly do love this project with all our hearts, and we are so excited to share our story with you as it grows and changes.



Danicka and Colton, Three to a Screen Co-Founders


Progress Update for 2017

Hello friends!

Can you believe it’s already mid February??? It’s been a while since we have touched base and posted on this website (before release day, to be exact) and we wanted to check in and give you all an update.

We have engaged in a lot of writing over the past few months. We finished book 1, and worked to expand the universe of The Division. Colton has been expanding written knowledge about wars and races, and Danicka has been doing a lot of drawing, as always, and has been trying to make her work better with every page.

While we are continuously devoted to the work we do for Tale of Strun, we have also been finding time to relax or engage in other projects. Danicka has been drawing logos and other non Tale of Strun related work. Colton has been working on some personal writing and poetry, and spending time with his friends. Nevertheless, we love what we do, and we are never quitting!

We know the pacing of the story is a little slow right now, but trust us, all of this background information is so worth it. Thank you all for continuing to read Tale of Strun and supporting us in doing what we love! We appreciate all of the love, support, and feedback.

In other exciting news, we just obtained our business cards and we are loving them!




Hello all!
Tale of Strun is having a pre-release of the comic page and prelude! We’re all super excited about tomorrow, so we couldn’t hold this all in! Come take a look and get as excited as we are! RELEASE DAY IS TOMORROW!


The Three to a Screen Team